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التصنيف : المعرف المرجعى: 1498659 ناشر الوظيفة : Captain Samir الدولة : قطر تاريخ الانشاء : 2022-05-24 تاريخ الانتهاء : 2022-06-24 نظام العمل : دوام كامل مقر العمل : قطر

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تنبية عام: لا تقوم بتحويل اى مبالغ مالية مقابل التوظيف اذا كنت تتقدم لشركة من خلال احدي مكاتب التوظيف نرجوا الاطلاع على ترخيص المكتب وزيارته اذا امكن قبل دفع اى رسوم.

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A female barista is required to work in the newly established home coffee service.

Job Description.
We are looking for an attractive and polite Barista who is passionate about coffee making and education. The barista will greet customers, answer their questions, take orders, accept payments, prepare and serve hot and cold drinks (such as tea, coffee, etc.).

The barista must be of polite and attractive personality. It must be committed to customer satisfaction and service excellence and willing to continue preparing beverages.

1. A passion for coffee is essential
2. Minimum previous experience such as a barista is preferred
3. Proper use of coffee grinder, espresso extraction, milk steaming, proper serving of coffee with latte art.
4. Prepare and serve hot and cold beverages according to recipes in order to serve the highest standard according to brand specifications.

2. Cleaning, restocking and emptying of garbage, sterilization equipment and utensils.
3. Ensure that all equipment is in good condition
4. Comply with all food safety regulations and quality controls

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