Urgent Hiring: Technician, Machinist, Shift Coordinator For Oil &Gas in Dammam

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Dear Candidates

Greetings from MENAISCO

We are Hiring For our Prestigious Oil & Gas Field Engineering Client The Following Positions:

• Working knowledge in the disassembly, inspection, and assembly of gas turbine rotor is required.
• Carries out independently tensioning/ tightening of the rotor parts by using hydraulic tools. like torque wrench, Tensioners H-pump with up to 25,000 PSI or more.
• Ability to use the measurement tools such as Vernier calipers, micrometers, depth, and dial gauge.
• Ability to use mechanical hand tooling and having knowledge of their functionality.
• Great organizational and time management abilities.
• Comply with all safety standards and procedures.
• Align with the company Quality Policy and applicable rules and procedures.
• Ability to read and interpret work Instruction and process prints/engineering drawings
• Working knowledge in use and function of Horizontal and vertical balancing machine.
• Ability to blend and grind rotor parts

• Read and interpret part drawings and process prints.
• Will be required to perform work efficiently with no supervision.
• Ability to perform run out check for an individual part.
• Ability to perform run out check for rotating parts like generator , Turbine rotor.
• Capable to do machining work on all stationary and rotating parts like Bearing , oil seal , shaft, etc.
• Ability to do reamering, drilling, tapping, etc.
• Ability to operate lathe machine, Tip grinding Machine with little supervision.
• Ability to do various machining work
• Capable to do burnishing and skim cut, patch ring, aluminum / cupper sleeves, threading, praising.
• Ability to perform Run out by Accuscan machine.
• Ability to operate the VBM.
• Ability to train and coach others.

Shift Coordinator

- Strictly follow and uphold the EHS and Quality Policies of the organization.
- Assign jobs to 25+ employees, mainly Operator, Technician, welder, and machinist. Track job status daily.
- Follow inspection and repair plans from engineering – any deviations required report back.
- Verify the replacement parts and report.
- Identify jobs in priority wise.
- Plan the task allocation to utilize the resources & meet OTD for all the jobs.
- Assist the Operations Leader to effectively apply available resources (Manpower, Machines & Material) to facilitate the Lean flow of components through the repair process per the production schedule.
- Control material supply and consumption to ensure continuous availability while minimizing usage at each workstation.
- Evaluate and provide performance feedback of shop to Ops Leader.
- Interact with the cell planner and cell engineers (MEs & PQEs) to ensure final product meets customer requirements.
- Identify non conformances and time management.
- Assist Ops leader and ME about improvement ideas and best practices in the cell.
- Fair distribution of jobs among the qualified team members and make sure all assigned tasks are completed on time.
- Covering overtime as needed.
- Covering shift for long periods without shift rotation.
- Fairly report violations on spot.
- Fulfill lean line requirement.
- Report out in toolbox talk.
- Identify employee training needs and communicate to Operations Leader and/or PQE.
- lead best-in-class housekeeping culture among the team.
- Coordinate overtime scheduling & acceptance or refusal with Ops Leader.
- Provide proper tooling to all the employees to avoid time waste.
- Ensure maximum productivity of employees in given section & Avoid rework.
- Coordinate effective hand-over with each shift with clear communication of priorities and task assignments.
- Notify Maintenance Team in case of machine break down.
- Participate in cell job cost reviews.
- Minimum of 5 years experience in Gas Turbine field.
- Familiarity with cell Processes.
- Proficient in English- reading and spoking.
- Computer competent, particularly in MS Office applications.
- Report writing skills.
- Have experience in covering more than 1 area in the shop.
- High work ethics and morale
- Knowledge on the repair process and practices of the covered area.
- Strong team building and leadership skills with an ability to motivate the team members.
- Ability to read and understand Work Instructions (WI) & SMART Shop.
- Employee must have been rated Strong Contributor or above in his most recent evaluation.

- Repair Experience.
- Familiarity with Gas Turbines parts.
- Graduate from a 2-year technical college is a minimum.
- Arabic- reading and speaking.


-Working Hours per day & Working days per week:
5 working days a week // 2 shifts
Day shift: 6AM – 4PM - 10 HRS
Night shift: 8PM – 6AM - 10 HRS
Assignment duration: 1 year contract which gets renewed

Mention Position Tile in Subject
Addressing to Mr Abdul Mannan
On email:

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