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Looking for an online payroll specialist who has very extensive experience in complex payroll calculations and managing a lot of employees. Not just simple payroll. English is a must, as 0 of the work is carried in English. Salaries can be more for qualified candidate. Main Dutiesu002 FResponsibilities:Responsible for payroll processing and partners with HR to maintain accurate payroll and employee databases. Must be able to review time sheets, compute wages, reconcile wages, overtime, and other types of pay with accuracy and compliance. Process and peer audit employee payroll data, payments, and hours. Calculate and process timesheets and corrections. Assist in the maintenance of employee records. Post, update and reconcile all employee-related payroll deductionsEstablish and ensure accuracy of income taxes, social security contributions, employee benefit contributions, salary advance deductions, and other deductions of employee payslips. Assist with balancing of payroll accounts by resolving payroll discrepancies. Analyze and respond to inquiries from employees regarding payment amounts, deductions, leave accruals, and other concerns. Processes garnishments and communicate garnishment information to all parties. Systematically record maintenance including new hire setup, timekeeping input, benefits setup, terminations, garnishments, and other functions as needed. Update employee information in the payroll system. Ability to read and decipher payroll reporting from payroll systems. Compile and enter monthly payroll journal entries from system reports on as needed basis. Work with payroll system to ensure that the outcome matches the outcome from excel calculations. Audit employee time and labor data submitted by various offices and interact with supervisors as required to verify data and resolve discrepancies. Resolve any issuesu002 Fquestions by supervisor or other parties in a timely and professional manner. Candidate will be responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of payroll for salaried and hourly employees (1,500+ Employees). Act as backup to Human Resources for benefit functions. Be willing and adaptable to assist in other departments within the organization. Maintain the highest standards of accuracy, precision, discretion, and confidentiality. Be a good teammate – commit to the successful achievement of team and organizational goals through a desire to participate with and help other members of the team. Other duties and special projects may be assigned. If you find yourself capable of performing the above, kindly send your CV through this app. No contact shall be carried by phone calls or WhatsApp massages before the shortlist of candidates is sorted. Thanking your understanding.


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